Business Benefits  of LinkedIn

Business Benefits of LinkedIn

Business benefits by linkedin:

1. Creating shareable content that benefits your audience:

By producing content that your viewers want to see and share with others, your viewers become engaged advocates of your company and expand your global reach and influence. Make your content available in different formats such as SlideShare business presentations, blog posts, infographics, webinars, podcasts and videos to suit the viewing preferences of your target audience.

2.  Introducing new products or services you’ve developed:

According to the Marketing Tech Blog, the top 5 reasons why people follow brands on social media are: promotions and discounts, latest products information, customer service, entertaining content, and ability to offer feedback. More than half of vendors say they have generated sales through LinkedIn.

3. Differentiating yourself from your competitors:

On LinkedIn, you can use your company description to emphasize how you stand out from your competitors. Include company news and share information about your company culture to reach potential new hires and convey your company’s values, mission and vision.

4. Checking on what your competition is doing.

LinkedIn profiles reveal valuable information about people seeking jobs at your company, including their stability, their record of successful accomplishments and their passion for what they do. By hiring and retaining these employees, your company will benefit from their expertise and energy